Hottest Hockey Betting Today

Betting on sporting events spans from horse racing to the National Football League and every event in between. Hockey is certainly not exempt from this ever popular pastime. Whether one is an old pro or a newbie in the hockey betting arena here are some tips and tidbits to improve your odds of winning and bringing home the big money.

First and foremost in betting is to understand that the odds are not an actual representation of value but a representation of the collective betting community’s perception of value. Secondly, people bet primarily in two different ways emotionally or after educating themselves on which team or individual has the best statistical chance of winning. Whichever route you take to placing your bet it all comes down to a guess.
Betting hockey is a bit different than betting on the NFL, NBA or MLB. Veteran bettors surely have their favorite, or two, method(s) but for those of you that don’t yet know or understand hockey betting here is an overview to get you started.
MONEYLINE-The most common way to bet the NHL is the moneyline this is because the NHL doesn’t use a spread like the NFL or NBA. Here is an example of how the moneyline work.
Vancouver +110
Toronto -130
This means that the bettor would have to risk $100 to win $110 on Vancouver and $130 on Toronto to win $100.
PUCK LINE-Similar to the run line in baseball is the puck line. The puck line combines the spread and the moneyline. Since quite a few hockey games are won or lost by only one goal the puck line spread is -1.5 or +1.5. A negative 1.5 puck line is generally partnered with a positive moneyline, like 200, and a positive 1.5 puck line is usually accompanied by a negative moneyline, e.g. -250. Because most games are decided by one goal one extreme has to be chosen by the bettor to get a large negative or positive on the moneyline.

Betting totals means betting on the total number of goals scored during a game. Bettors bet if the total will be over or under the number set by the sportsbooks, usually between 5 and 6.5 but can vary as low as 3.5 or as high as 7.5. Due to the low scores the sportsbooks often adjust the odds rather than adjust the number of the total.
Grand Salami-The grand salami is very different from the other three forms of NHL betting in that it allows bettors to have a vested interest in each game that is played that day instead of betting on one game at a time. Another big attraction for bettors is that this can all be done with the cost of just one bet. The sportsbooks set a number based on how many games are being played that day. If there is a full schedule this number might be 62. When betting the grand salami is the total number of goals scored for every game played that day added up. The bettor bets for over or under that total.
Each of these methods has merit, advantages and dedicated bettors. When deciding which is right for you do your research, try each out a time or two, see which one is the best fit, and have a blast!